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Help us, Lord, to bring about a new church:

A church of open minds and warm hearts, of a caring and

adventurous spirit.

A church of young and old, of every type, included together as

one equal body.

A church that works among hurt lives, that cares for all, that

knows no division.

A church that knows its differences only in love and never in


A church that looks in all directions in order to see God.

A church that is as low as the humblest grain of creation, but as

high as the ideals of Jesus Christ.

A church that gives to the world for God's glory and not its own.

A church of courage, of truth and a church of all people.


Creator God, help us see a better way.


For the world to change to Your way God through Jesus Christ

our Lord,

We pray that we may wake up and bring a church to all.

Not a church of our will or personal aims and ambitions,
but a mission shaped church, a church of the Living God.


Creator God, help us see a better way. Amen


Taken from material produced for The Family Friendly Churches Trust by Mike Bossingham, David Hollingsworth, Ann Bossingham and Ian Smart.

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